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Plataria is a seaside village of Thesprotia.

It is situated on a bay with marinas for boats, sights and picturesque beaches.

Πλαταριά ξενοδοχια



Igoumenitsa is the capital of the prefecture of Thesprotia, a beautiful city and hub of western Greece.

It combines harmoniously "mountain and sea" as it contains both natural forests and blue waters. The port of Igoumenitsa is a link between Greece and Europe.

Distance from Plataria 10 km.


The exotic Siowa are very close to Plataria.

Around their enclosed bay, small islands such as Agios Nikolaos and Mauro Oros have been created. During the Turkish occupation the village was named Mourtos.

Distance from Hotel 8 km.

Σύβοτα ξενοδοχεια


κοντινα ξενοδοχεια στην Πάργα

Parga belongs to the Prefecture of Preveza.

Parga has been one of the top destinations for both local and foreign visitors for years. Its scenery and beauty stand out from anything you've come across.

Distance from Plataria 20 km

Acheron River

If you want to feel unique in the absolute natural landscape of Epirus, then the Acheron River is for you!

Hiking, swimming, horseback riding, canoe kayac, zip line are some of the things you can try in the fabulous river.

To visit the river you will need to travell 25 km.

ξενοδοχεια κοντά στον Αχέροντα